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Connor: Watchman's Daughter

When those you love depend on you, how much would you be willing to sacrifice? Alexandra Connor writes a moving saga in The Watchman's Daughter - a tale of true love, set against the backdrop of the Second World War. Perfect for fans of Josephine Cox and Rita Bradshaw. Growing up in Preston's poorest area, Kate Shaw knows just how harsh life can be. With her father unable to do his night watchman rounds, Kate does all she can to help her family survive. But when Andrew Pitt comes into her life, everything changes. True happiness seems to be on the horizon for Kate as she and Andrew make plans to marry. Then tragedy strikes and Kate takes the only course she can to protect the people who depend on her. With her future looking hopeless, Kate must find a way to escape - and to get back the man she loves. What readers are saying about The Watchman's Daughter: 'I am addicted to Alexandra Connor books. Always so well written, drawing you into the story and characters but never letting you totally guess the story line, always little twists and turns, totally enthralling' 'This book held your attention all the way through. Fantastic book'
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ISBN 9780755323760
Author(s) Alexandra Connor,
Publisher Headline Publishing Group
Pages 448
Format Paperback
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