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Colour & Relax: Castles & Palaces in Germany.

About the Author Art historian Agata Mazur has written several books on design. After running a contemporary art gallery and participating in the launch of a fashion brand, she founded, and has run, a book packaging agency, Fancy Books. She also curates photography shows across Europe. Natalia Pakula: Natalia Pakula works as a photographer, graphic designer and illustrator. Product Description Discover the fascinating world of the most famous castles and palaces in Germany. With a selection of forty of the finest castles from every province in Germany, this coloring book is ideal for anyone who wants to take a break from everyday life, chill out, and have a short and concise history lesson at the same time. The enchanting past of each palace and castle is presented through compact and descriptive texts. From the palace at Sans-Souci in Brandenburg (which fittingly means without worry), to the Disney-like Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, this terrific coloring book embraces all epochs, styles and types of buildings, from Gothic fortresses to Baroque and Neo-Romanesque human lodgings. On the whole, this book is perfect for those who wish to switch off, grab a crayon, and let their imagination run wild.
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ISBN 9783741520204
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