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Circus Illusion Stationery Box: Ten Spinning Cards to Create

Remember the traditional toy that featured disks with a picture on each side pictures that combined into a single image when they were spun? The Circus Illusion Stationery Box takes that childhood trick and turns it into the best-ever stationery set, featuring ten cards with pop-out disks and coloured elastic bands to spin them on, all presented in a beautifully designed box with matching envelopes. There are two each of five different designs, so you can send your favorite to a friend and keep a copy for yourself, too. Featuring lovely graphic images of such circus classics as the horseback ballerina, the dancing dog, and the fishing bear sweet, unexpected, and irresistible.
Product Overview
ISBN 9781782402893
Author(s) Melvyn Evans,
Publisher The Ivy Press
Pages 10
Weight 0.0 lb