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Budhhist Colouring Book

INSPIRING SPIRITUAL DESIGNS FOR CONTEMPLATION, MEDITATION AND HEALING Discover the life-changing power of mandalas with this beautiful colouring book designed to help release your innate creativity and bring you relaxation and complete peace of mind Viewed as the key to self-knowledge and inner peace in Eastern traditions, a mandala is a symbolic spiritual image which, when meditated on, can lead to profound and long-lasting personal transformation. Bringing together the timeless wisdom of Buddhist thought with the healing power of mandalas, this collection of beautiful, intricate artworks for you to colour in from plants and animals, deities and jewels, to the earth, the elements and the cosmos is perfect for engaging in mindful meditation. Featuring specially commissioned mandala designs such as the Wheel of Truth, the Diamond Thunderbolt, the Sri Yantra and The Lotus and the Pine, this unique colouring book combines creativity with contemplation to help ease stress and anxiety, still the mind, and regain your personal balance. 26 evocative designs that will work their magic as you colour them in Includes a further 10 basic line templates for you to design your own mandalas Offers a lively and informative introduction, placing mandalas in their historical and cultural contexts Features a guided meditation and colour palette suggestions for every artwork, plus a directory of key mandala symbols Author Bio Lisa Tenzin-Dolma is an author and journalist who has written widely on natural history, meditation, herbalism, Eastern philosophy, and a vast range of other mind-body-spirit subjects. Her eight nonfiction books include Natural Mandalas: 30 New Meditations to Help You Find Peace and Awareness in the Beauty of Nature.
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