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Bradford: Her Own Rules

Meredith Stratton is 44 yrs old and a sucessful buisnesswomen. The owner of 6 elegant international inns, she is about to celebrate her only daughters engagement. At this seemingly happy time in her life, Meredith begins to suffer from a strange illness that baffles everyone. Her doctor cannont find a cause for her debilitating symtoms, and desperate for answers, she seeks the help of a psychiarist. Through therapy, Meredith peels back the layers of her life to discover the truth behind her most careful creation- herself. Secrets, survival, redemption and love abound in this compelling story of a women who uncovers the key to her tormented past, and finds the courage to live by her own rules. Review Barbara Taylor Bradford is a wonderful story teller who can convey the power of love. The warmth and compassion of her tale brought tears to my jaded eyes. --Sunday Express
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ISBN 9780007841967
Publisher smeikalbooks
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