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Beans! Peas & Lentils

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  • ISBN: 9783848010356
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  • Publisher: smeikalbooks
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This clear and straightforward book begins with a brief and in-depth guide to the history of pulses (which stretches back as far as 10,000 BC). Surpassed only by daisies and orchids, legumes constitute the third largest family of flowering plants worldwide, numbering approximately 700 genera and 18,000 species in total. They are also one of the most important cultivated plants with approximately 150 million tons being grown each year throughout the world. A short and concise chapter about the mini power packs present the reader with a guide to the positive nutritional effects of pulses. They contain lots of antioxidants, for example, and therefore help not only to slow down the skin aging process but also reduce the risk of cancer. The final introductory paragraph is dedicated to the basics that one needs in the kitchen. Fresh, frozen, canned, or dried-pulses are available in many different forms. They all have their advantages and disadvantages which are listed in a clear and coherent manner. It is the versatility and variety of choice that makes this all-rounder such a popular ingredient (on its own and as a side dish), across the kitchens of the world. Equipped with this knowledge we are presented with sublime illustrations and luscious recipes to meet all occasions and tastes. Starting with deliciously healthy spreads, including fava bean and feta cream, hot and spicy chickpea and pumpkin, we move on to sophisticated salads with Sicilian bruschetta, Moroccan chickpea and couscous with pomegranates and almonds to name just a few. Next on the menu are the power soups. Exotic soup with baked potato wedges and yellow lentil soup with coconut milk will have your mouth watering. The Mediterranean & curry dishes are not to be missed. Curry with eggplant, cashew nuts, is just one example of the exciting creations to be found in this section. Last, but by no means least, are the exotic main courses. Lentils with oven-baked vegetables, chorizo, and apricots and Moroccan bean patties speak for themselves. It is not only the delicious recipes that will get your taste buds motoring. The illustrations are inviting to say the least. Each concise recipe is accompanied by pictures to get the heart racing in anticipation of a delicious, healthy and wholesome meal.