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Be Happy & Colour!

Product Description Colouring is a great method to promote child development and learning through artistic self-expression. Colouring is a great method to promote child development and learning through artistic self-expression. Be Happy & Colour pairs this essential part of growing up with tools and techniques that can help children learn to express themselves and support their emotional well-being. Alongside beautifully illustrated colouring pages, this book provides guided therapeutic instruction from a well-known children's art therapist to promote feelings of calm, happiness, and well-being and help children combat feelings of sadness or anxiety. About the Author Hannah Klaus Hunter, art therapist for the UC Davis Children's Hospital for over 10 years, holds a BA in Studio Art from the University of Iowa, an MFA from California College of the Arts, and a Post-Master's Certificate in Art Therapy from UC Berkeley. An enthusiastic proponent of art as a means for healing, she has created a number of art-therapy bereavement groups, most recently the Young Adult Bereavement Art Group, a collaboration between UC Davis Children's Hospital and UC Davis Hospice. She specializes in working with children and young adults impacted by chronic illness, grief ,and loss, drawing inspiration and regeneration from her own practice of art making. Hannah shares her reflections on art making in and out of the studio on her blog: hannahklaushunterarts.com. Stephanie Peterson Jones is a certified K-12 art teacher who loves teaching art to children and adults. She loves to work on community art projects that encourage kindness and compassion and started Art & Kindness, LLC with her husband following Hurricane Sandy. For her, making art is a meditation and an expression of joy. Stephanie is inspired by beauty in nature, kind people, and the little visual surprises she encounters every day. When she's not making art, she's taking a hike, knitting, making pottery, and teaching (or doing) Pilates.
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ISBN 9781633221383
Author(s) Hannah Klaus Hunter,Stephanie Peterson Jones,
Publisher Walter Foster Jr.
Pages 96
Format Paperback
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