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American Cookbook A Fresh Take on Classic Recipes

A new take on classic recipes from the great American diner. The American Cookbook is a fresh, foodie approach to American comfort food - think the tastiest hamburger, apple pie, or cornbread recipe with a gourmet twist. The American Cookbook features over 150 dishes, including fluffy pancakes, buffalo wings, delicious Southern food and everything you need for that perfect Thanksgiving dinner or American bbq - all with mouthwatering contemporary alternatives. So traditional apple pie morphs into Strawberry and Huckleberry pie and the classic truck-stop burger and fries becomes Chargrilled Burger on Hot Sourdough with Sweet Potato Chips. Explore the Italian, Asian and West African influences on classic American food too, and follow the easy step-by-step sequences to find out how to make burgers, sauces and marinades. From wraps and rolls to sweet pies and cheesecakes, The American Cookbook is here to help you create healthier versions of your favourite American fix and create the best gourmet food.
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ISBN 9781409345176
Author(s) DK,
Publisher Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Pages 256
Format Hardback
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