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101 Team Handball

During the last few years, handball - a modern and attractive high-speed game - has been fascinating more and more spectators and fans. 101 Team Handball provides sound practical advice for beginners and introduces advanced techniques and tactics for more experienced players. It focuses on technical and tactical aspects of the game for both defence and attacking situations, including: Handling the ball Dribbling the ball Passing and catching Blocking Shooting It also includes a separate section dedicated to the goalkeeper and their training. Fully illustrated with step-by-step sequence photographs as well as action shots to aid understanding of this fast-paced sport, this is the essential tool for all handball players and coaches.
Product Overview
ISBN 9781472901804
Author(s) Felicia Lidia Radu,Beatrice Aurelia Abalasei,
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Pages 192
Format Paperback
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