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Yiddish Cuisine- Authentic & Delicious Jewish Recipes

Just like religious festivals and songs, cuisine is a constitutive part of the Jewish tradition. In this book, Parisian delicatessen-owner Florence Kahn shares with us century-old Yiddish recipes that not only feed the hungry, but also delight the soul. Classics of Jewish cuisine, including meals for religious holidays, are explained step-by-step and illustrated by mouth-watering photographs. Florence Kahn's easy-to-follow recipes unite the best of Yiddish traditions with a contemporary approach and show the diversity of Jewish cooking. The author's tips on recipes variations and her explanations about the origins of dishes are a great addition to the contents. Review Her starters includeSpinach Tart, Zucchini Strudel and PastramiSandwich. Among her main dishes areKapusta Borscht, Sandrine Moss-Pissaro sKneidlers (Ashkenazi-Sephardic fusion), andHerring in a Fur Coat (the photo of layers ofpotatoes, beets, carrots, eggs, gherkins, peasand herrings formed in a tall glass isworth a thousand words). --JUDITH A. SOKOLOFF Na'amat Woman Magazine" Author Bio Florence Kahn runs a Jewish delicatessen shop in Paris. With a mixture of traditional and modern Jewish-Ashkenazi dishes she devoted herself to inspire her guests about the Yiddish culinary culture.
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