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The Profit of Birding

Author Bryan Bland has led thousands of birding tours to more than 70 countries. On one such trip to India a bemused waiter once posed the question: Where is the profit in birding? Bryan is famed as one of birdings greatest story-tellers, and he uses his book to answer this question emphatically. In short, theres more to birding than just birds, although these clearly provide a great deal of interest and pleasure. In addition history, dramatic scenery, location filming, plus much else from world politics to the crucial life-enhancing role of music are all featured in this light-hearted examination of the profit of birding. Tales include scrapes with terrorists, running 50 miles across the landslide-strewn Himalayas in order to keep an appointment with a tour group, and Britains first-ever breeding pair of Parrot Crossbills using Bryans beard to build their nest! Birders and non-birders alike will enjoy the humorous anecdotal narrative, while the lively text is accompanied by many of the authors photographs and exquisite line-drawings. Author Bio Bryan Bland is famous among the birding community as a tour leader for the company Sunbird and regular contributor to magazines such as Birding World. He is based in Cley-next-the-Sea in Norfolk. The Profit of Birding is his first book, and it is much anticipated.
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ISBN 9781780091242
Author(s) Bryan Bland,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 240
Format Hardback
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