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The Netball Practice Bible

Based on the popular 101 Youth Netball Drills titles, this is a practical training manual for netball coaches, packed with drills, coaching tips and advice for building a netball club. This invaluable resource will help you plan effective training sessions, prepare teams for matches and guide you through planning tournaments and holiday courses. With more and more players being attracted back to netball, this excellent guide explains the different requirements of teaching netball to various age ranges and abilities, and shares tried and tested solutions for successful training and coaching. Includes new and revised drills, accompanied by full instructions and diagrams, to cover the essential skills of the game: - warming up - passing and catching - attacking and defending - shooting - game scenarios - warming down Author Bio Anna and Chris Sheryn are experienced sports coaches. Anna Sheryn is the founder and coach of the Craven Direct Netball Club.
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ISBN 9781472918918
Author(s) Chris Sheryn,Anna Sheryn,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 240
Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 lb