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Short History of Disease: Plagues, Poxes & Civilisations

In 2014, the world faces a global crisis as the Ebola epidemic threatens to spread from Western Africa across the planet. Even before recorded history began, disease has plagued human civilisations, claiming more lives than natural disasters and warfare combined. Using an interdisciplinary approach, Sean Martin's A Short History of Disease chronicles the historical and geographical evolution of infectious and non-infectious diseases, from their prehistoric origins to the present day, offering a comprehensive, accessible guide to ailments. Author Bio Sean Martin is a writer, poet, and filmmaker. He is the author of Alchemy and Alchemists, Andrei Tarkovsky, The Cathars, The Gnostics, The Knights Templar, and New Waves in Cinema. His films include Lanterna Magicka: Bill Douglas & the Secret History of Cinema and Folie à Deux.
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ISBN 9781843444190
Author(s) Sean Martin,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 320
Format Paperback
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