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Katy Perry

Katy Perry: Rebel Dreamer, an unofficial biography by Alice Hudson, is one of an exciting series of lush books celebrating some of the most popular and influential celebrities - stars who are constantly talked about and whose every new release, life event or opinion is awaited with baited breath by legions of fans. In the Top Ten on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, with millions of followers, Katy Perry is adored by a huge online community and has sold more than 22 million digital tracks and mobile products worldwide. Having rocketed from sheltered, gospel-singing teenager Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, to international pop goddess, who kissed a girl and liked it, Perry wows the world with her outfits (crazy, provocative, fruit-themed, vintage), straight-talking lyrics and crackling energy. If you love Katy then you gotta get "Katy Perry: Rebel Dreamer" - the ultimate celebration of this girl's talent, beauty and wow-factor, with lush pics and inspirational words - a must-have for all fans.
Product Overview
ISBN 9780857752802
Author(s) Alice Hudson,Mango Saul,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 128
Format Hardback
Weight 0.0 lb