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Cringe: Toe-Curling Embarrassing Teenage Diaries, Letters & Bad Poetry

Who among us hasn't suffered from the trauma of adolescence? Of great loves gained and lost all in a day and friendships forever destroyed - only to be rekindled the following Monday morning? And which of us can honestly say that we don't have a secret collection of diaries, poems and crazed love letters stashed somewhere, a cringeworthy, but touching reminder of how simple it all was once? Well, you're not alone. Cringe features a fist-chewingly embarrassing collection of genuine teenage musings, alongside some self-examination, background and asides from the now so-called grown-ups who once wrote them. Re-enter the wonderfully melodramatic world of the teenage mind as Cringe provides a glimpse of the adolescent experience in all its navel-gazing glory.
Product Overview
ISBN 9781843173458
Author(s) Sarah Brown,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 224
Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 lb