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Bob & the Moontree Mystery

When Bob, the Man on the Moon, spots a strange seed bouncing along the surface of the Moon, little does he know that it will grow overnight into the first ever Moontree! Earth tourists (especially the lumberjacks) come to try to get a piece of Moontree, but Bob keeps them at bay (oblivious to the alien assistance he's getting). Only when things start to get really shocking (or should we say shaking?) do we discover the secret of the Moontree - it's seeds are actually eggs, each one containing a baby alien! Author Bio Simon Bartram studied Graphic Design, specialising in illustration, at Birmingham Polytechnic and has gone on to write and illustrate a number of picture books, including the Blue Peter Award-winner The Man on the Moon, a Day in the Life of Bob and Bob's Best-Ever Friend, nominated for the Kate Greenaway Award. He has also written and illustrated a series of young fiction books about Bob, which have been nominated for a number of prizes. Contributor location: Simon lives in Gateshead, England with his wife and son.
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ISBN 9781848777460
Publisher smeikalbooks
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