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Almond Bar

Sharon Salloum, co-owner and chef of Almond Bar restaurant in Sydney, was brought up in a traditional Syrian household, where a steady stream of friends and family were welcomed with generous offerings of food and drink. Helping in the kitchen, Sharon learnt to cook from an early age, and developed a strong sense of pride in her Syrian heritage. In this stunning collection, Sharon shares over 100 classic and contemporary recipes, including black hummus, pumpkin kibbeh, almond-crusted scallops, sour cherry kebab balls, fig sorbet and semolina fudge. Let Sharon's natural warmth entice you to gather your favourite people around you and enjoy a taste of Syria. Review ‘Recipes fragrant with sumac, coriander and cumin, rosewater and orange blossom, stuffed with ingredients such as pine nuts, chickpeas and lentils.’ (Saturday Telegraph Magazine 'Book of the Week' Carolyn Hart) 'In her beautiful new book, Sharon Salloum offers clever modern twists on a number of Middle Eastern classics.' ( Food & Travel) ‘A feast of delicately spiced delights. A useful glossary and list of suppliers make the recipes easily achievable.’  ( BBC Good Food) ‘It’s easy to see how this food goes a long way to providing the glue for social occasions.’ ( Caterer & Hotelkeeper) ‘A book packed with enjoyable home cooking and a firm sense of place.’ ( The Weekend: Bristol Evening Post) 'Beautifully photographed by Rob Palmer, this 200 page collection is as dazzling as it is eye-opening: you will learn a great deal about this fascinating cuisine, its ingredients and its importance from this heartfelt work.' ( The Foodie Bugle) Author Bio Australian-born SHARON SALLOUM learnt to cook authentic Syrian food from her mother and aunts. With an instinct for hospitality but no formal training, Sharon taught herself to run a commercial kitchen, and in 2007 she and her sister Carol opened their successful Almond Bar restaurant in Darlinghurst. Sharon is an active member of Sydney s food community and is passionate about the artistry of Middle Eastern food, participating in food tours and television series such as Food Safari on SBS. Almond Bar is her first cookbook.
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